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Known as The Sokol IVA Suit, it was Introduced in 1973, and is still used as of August 2019! (Total of 300 flight suits have been made along with 135 training and testing suits.)

Described by its makers as a “Rescue Suit”, the Sokol is NOT capable of being used outside of the spacecraft, on a spacewalk, or for extra-vehicular activity.

It’s purpose is to keep the person inside alive in the event of an accidental depressurization inside of the spacecraft. (Similar to the ACES suit used by NASA during launch and landing.)

The current version consists of an inner pressure layer of rubberized Polyprolactam and an outer layer made of white Nylon canvas. Boots are integrated into the suit but the gloves are removable.

Black and White Laser Prints

Ships in rigid cardboard tube.