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AMMD - DIGITAL PDF (Over 18,290 Words)

$1.99 USD

AMMD was announced at Midnight, Septermber 27th, 2017.


ALL MOSQUITOS MUST DIE is the 3rd book written by Adam Cee and it is also the first book of his to ever be released publicly. This is the DIGITAL format of his new book.

AMMD is a unique conversation shared between two young American individuals that tries to shed some light on the current status of Mental Health Care here in the United States, and their struggles that they encounter on their daily lives.AMMD features a unique stylized text based conversation form that lends some character and enthusiasm into the words.

Based on one specific day in 2015, AMMD is a rare insight to how humans communicate, share information, how we think, breathe, share stories, share emotions, feelings and heartbreaking unspeakable and unexplained situations that we find ourselves in...

”Throw back the little ones, and pan fry the big ones. Use tact, poise and reason.” A book to gently squeeze them. This book does not feature, “hot licks, but does feature rhetoric that doesn’t count for much of anything.” “Be glad if you can borrow, or pawn your crown for a ride uptown. Then buy it back tomorrow” with this book. “Done like the matador, I pray for the weekend and hope that the little girls still throw roses.” Otherwise “I’ll change my bait and move up state before the season closes.” This book is a conversation of nonsense. A conversation of confused mental health patients lost in the dark. A modern capsule of a realization. A pill to take slowly…. To ease the brain, from life’s daily pain.

Upon purchase of AMMD DIGITAL VERSION you will receive a download link in your email immediately.

*No mosquitoes were harmed during the making of this book, nor do I mean that all mosquitos in the world must die. We need mosquitos on our planet, but we also have a love hate relationship with them. By using the title AMMD I in no way condone the killing or suggest you go kill all mosquitos, merely use harmless repellent sprays or candles that work for you and your lifestyles.